Phoenix Suns vs Brooklyn Nets 2021: Betting Line, Odds & Predictions

The Phoenix Suns are the most impressive NBA team at the moment with 15 straight wins, the most recent of which happened last night. The game in question was played in New York’s Madison Square Garden where they beat the Knicks 118-97. From there, they move to Barclays Center to take on the Brooklyn Nets.

Is it time for Phoenix’s superb run to come to an end? That might very well be the case, at least judging by the odds offered by Arizona sports betting sites. All of them see Brooklyn as the favorite in tonight’s game.

Phoenix Suns vs Brooklyn Nets Betting Odds

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Can Phoenix Suns Upset the Odds?

basketball-iconDuring their 15-game win streak, the Suns were the pre-game favorites most of the time. The reason behind that is that they didn’t face too many NBA heavyweights. That ends tonight when they take on one of the top favorites for the title.

The Suns are second in the Western Conference but the Nets are at the top of the Eastern Conference table. Same as Phoenix, Brooklyn has also been playing great, although they did suffer two losses this month – to the Chicago Bulls and the Golden State Warriors.

What’s interesting is that both of those are very high-scoring teams, the same as Brooklyn’s next opponent. Chicago is 13th right now, with a 114.5 scoring average. Golden State, however, is the best team in the terms of PPG (points per game) with 114.5. The team that’s in third place is Phoenix 112.6.

Nets Relying on Star Power

Since the Nets revival started a few years ago, this team has been very successful against the Suns. In fact, Brooklyn won each of their previous three duels. The most recent of those took place last April at Barclays Center. The final score was 128-119 for the hosts.

Although Phoenix’s guard Devin Brooker scored the most points in that game (36), Brooklyn’s superstar Kyrie Irving was the best player on the court. He scored just two points fewer than Brooker, while also making six rebounds and 12 assists.

Unfortunately for Brooklyn, Irving won’t be there to help them tonight. Due to New York City’s COVID-19 mandate, unvaccinated players – such as Irving – need to stay off the court.

Phoenix Suns vs Brooklyn Nets 2021 Prediction

betting pediciton iconThe Nets have a better roster than the Suns, that’s a fact. Actually, they probably have the best team in the entire league, with stars like Kevin Durant, James Harden, and the like. Although these guys have been superb in 2021, as evident from their 16-3 record, they surely aren’t unbeatable.

The Suns surely have what it takes to beat the Nets. Not only are they in a superb run but their players aren’t too much behind Brooklyn’s legends in terms of skills and quality. Further, this season they seem to be playing the kind of basketball that Brooklyn doesn’t know how to handle.


  • Phoenix Suns ML (+120)
  • Over 221.5 (-110)

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