Best Esports Betting Sites in Arizona

Esports betting is a huge business and it is no surprise that this exciting form of wagering has proven popular with bettors in the US, as the sports betting industry spreads across the nation. One of the latest states to embrace sports betting in Arizona and esports betting is set to be a key part of the betting sector in that part of the US. So to help you get started, we’ve put together this guide to esports betting.

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Is Esports Betting Legal in Arizona?

The US sports betting boom began with the repeal of the PASPA Act by the Supreme Court in May 2018. Many states subsequently legalized sports betting, including Arizona, which passed the relevant bills in the early part of 2021 and then secured Federal approval in May, clearing the way for sports betting to launch in early September. At the time of launch, it was confirmed that esports betting would be a part of the new industry and Arizona esports fans are now able to bet on their favorite teams.

Esports Betting Markets Available in Arizona

So what markets for esports betting are available when you bet with Arizona sportsbooks? Here is a quick guide to some of the main markets you can bet on.

Moneyline Betting

This is often the best place to start for newcomers to esports betting. When you bet on the money line, you are simply betting on one team or player to win the event outright. The oddsmaker will determine a favorite and an underdog and give them odds of winning. You can then choose to bet on the selection that you think is the best price or has the best chance of victory.

Over/Under Betting

Also sometimes called Totals bets, the Over/Under markets usually are based around combined points of head-to-head players or teams. In this case, although you are still betting on teams and players, you are betting not on who will win, but what the total amount of points in a particular event will be.

Esports Point Spread Arizona

This is another form of bet that is used across regular sports as well as esports. With the point spread, you are wagering on whether the difference in winning margin will be greater or less than the spread. So, for example, the oddsmakers could set the spread at -2.5 but if you think the winning margin will be less than that, you can bet against the spread, or alternatively, back the favorite to cover the spread.

Esports Parlays and Prop Bets

Two other important forms of esports betting in Arizona are prop bets and parlays. With a parlay, you are combining multiple bets into one bet, with the result that the odds can be high and the potential winnings big. Of course, in order to win, all of your bets have to be successful.

A prop bet is a simple bet on one aspect of a game. For example, in the case of League of Legends, you may have a prop bet on which team will be the first to kill a dragon. There are many types of esports prob bets, including First Kill, Tournament MVP, and so on.

How to Find the Right Esports Betting Site For You

When you’re betting on esports, you want to be comfortable with the site that you are using, and it is worth noting that not every Arizona sportsbook provides the same quality of esports markets. It is a good idea to explore each betting site to check whether they are offering you the tools and markets that you need. Here are some important features to look out for:

Tournament Range

You want to be sure that the site you are using will cover the events that you want to bet on. At a minimum, a good esports site should cover:

• ESL One
• Intel Extreme Masters
• League of Legends World Championship
• The International
• Call of Duty League Championship Weekend

Sports Range
Most sites that offer esports betting will include some markets on CS: GO, Dota 2, and League of Legends, but it is a good sign if they offer other less common sports as well. Look for sites that provide a range of betting markets across all esports, including less well-known sports.

Check the Odds

All bookmakers are definitely not equal when it comes to odds. You want to be sure that you are getting the best value possible when you bet with bookmakers on esports, so get used to checking and comparing the odds between sites or find an odds comparison tool that you are comfortable with.

Banking and Security

These are two important aspects of choosing a good site. When it comes to banking, you want to focus on sites that offer your preferred form of payment, whether that is PayPal, cryptocurrency or bank transfer. And check out the associated terms and conditions, such as withdrawal times, fees, and other rules. Above all, be concerned about security. Only bet with sites that are officially licensed and make sure that you are happy with the security measures they take to protect their customers.

Esports Betting Tips

So you’ve found a site that you want to use and you’ve checked to ensure that it has all of the markets and events you want. Now what? To help you get started with your esports betting in Arizona, here are some useful tips to consider:

Do your Research

Betting is hard work and if you start betting with real money without having done your research, you will soon be disappointed. It is best to focus on one or two sports and then get to know them, and all of the competitors involved, really well. In addition, you should do all you can to keep in touch with esports news and above all, watch as many games as you can. The more you know, the more chance you will have an edge over your fellow bettors, and the greater your chance of profit.

Consider Cash Out

The Cash Out feature is a useful tool that is available through some sites and gives you the chance to claim your winnings or a portion of your winnings if your selection appears to be heading for success. While some bettors prefer to wait until the end of an event, this can be a useful way to lock in your profit or to limit your losses when you are betting on esports in Arizona.

Never Pay for Tips

There is nothing wrong with reading tipping articles or advice from experts, as these can help you to improve your own esports betting, but never get into the situation of paying for tips. For a start, you have no way of checking how successful a tipster is, and in the long run, you will not be learning the essential skills you need. Do your own research, your own work and aim to succeed that way.