Oilers vs Coyotes 2021: Betting Line, Odds & Predictions

One could think of this game as a clash between David and Goliath. The giant in this metaphor is the Edmonton Oilers, a team that’s near the very top of the Western Conference. Meanwhile, the Arizona Coyotes are at the very bottom of the conference table.

However, the team from Arizona has started showing signs of improvement – the Coyotes won three of their previous four games. Further, their next game is taking place at Gila River Arena in Phoenix, where they will be the ones to get all the support from the stands. Another thing going in their favor is that the Oilers might feel tired, following a trip to Dallas last night.

Oilers vs Coyotes 2021 Odds

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Can Arizona Win Again?

hockey iconArizona is 4-2-13 on the season, which makes them the worst team in the Western Conference. On a positive note, they’ve won 7 points in the previous four games. It sounds good, but there’s a caveat – they played against relatively weak opponents.

They did, however, beat the St. Louis Blues a week ago, a team that’s flying pretty high in the conference. It was a win by just one goal, which is how they won all of the games they won in the 2021 season.

What needs to worry them ahead of the clash with Edmonton is that they haven’t been great when playing against offensive-minded teams. Unfortunately for them, the Oilers are one of the highest-scoring teams in the NHL.

Edmonton Coming Off a Loss in Texas

The Oilers are flying high at the moment with a 13-0-5 record, which puts them in second place in the conference. Considering that they’ve played two games fewer than the table leaders, the Calgary Flames, they have a good chance to overtake that position by the end of the week.

That task would’ve been even easier if they won their previous game. However, last night they lost to the Dallas Stars in Texas. The score was 4-1 for the hosts, which came as a bit of a surprise. Scoring only one goal is not something that happens too often to Edmonton. In fact, the previous time they failed to score two or more goals was 21 games ago.

Although they might feel tired from their travels, the Oilers are almost certain to do better offensively in the next game. The big question is whether that’s going to be enough to beat the Coyotes?

Oilers vs Coyotes Prediction

betting pedicitonThis is going to be a very close game, despite the fact that Arizona sportsbooks see the visitors as the favorite to win. The Oilers definitely look capable of doing it but the Coyotes are going to give them a run for their money, that’s for sure.

That said, the most likely scenario seems to be a draw in regulation. What happens in overtime? Who knows! The Oilers have the quality on their side, but Lady Luck could end up on the side of the Coyotes.


  • Draw in Regulation

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